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Gas Fireplace Logs

Get Your Gas Fireplace Logs Today & Relax Tonight

Cozy up by the fire with gas fireplace logs that won’t let you down.

There are many reasons that people opt for a gas fireplace over a traditional, wood-fueled fireplace. Common reasons include ease of use, design options, and more. We’ll help you enjoy all of these advantages with a quality selection of gas fireplace logs from the comfort specialists at Gore Heating & A/C.

We have logs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, and we carry several options for your convenience.

Vented vs. Unvented Gas Logs

A vented gas log is similar in appearance to a traditional wood log. They have a realistic appearance with their flames and coals closely resembling a wood fire to add a fantastic decorative element to your room. They need to be installed into a fireplace with a chimney and can be used as a main source of household heating.

The advantages of using unvented gas logs are that they are more energy-efficient, don’t require a chimney to use, and can be a secondary source of heat.

What you need depends on your existing fireplace area and on your aesthetics/functionality preference.

Choose Gore Heating & A/C For Your Gas Log Needs

Gore Heating & A/C knows how to get your heating just right. We can help with product selection and installation and make sure that you get what you want out of your new gas log. We can also install new gas lines and fittings for propane and natural gas.

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