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Restore Your Comfort – Fayetteville Heating Repair From Gore

No matter what your heating system of choice, you’ll be faced with a breakdown eventually. It can happen any time—in the coldest of cold winter nights or a mild fall day. You might notice some odd sounds or symptoms from your unit, or you might have noticed a temperature drop.

Rest assured that no matter what make, model, system age, problem or other detail regarding your system, Gore Heating & AC will be right there for a heating repair. We’re available 24/7 for fast service to tackle any problem!

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Signs You Should Call a Heating Contractor

If you are dealing with an urgent breakdown, and you or your family is staying in a freezing home, call us for emergency service at 910-485-5877.

For non-emergencies, your issue still needs to be addressed. If any of these describe your current heating unit, then a repair call is necessary:

  • Age More Than 10 Years – If your system has lasted ten years without needing a repair, count yourself lucky. If this isn’t your first rodeo, only expect more as your system ages. You might even need to consider a heating replacement.
  • Noisy – Are you hearing odd noises coming from your unit? Banging, squealing and rattling are sounds to watch out for; the sound of your blower turning on and off at odd times is important to listen for as well.
  • Expensive to Run – If your utility bills have been steadily rising over the years, it might be your system, especially if it has been lacking professional heating maintenance.
  • Uncomfortable – Uneven, uncomfortable temperatures throughout your home indicate a repair need.
  • Yellow or Flickering Flames – If you have a furnace with yellow flames, your system might be producing too much carbon monoxide. This is a potentially dangerous situation.

The list really goes on and on. If you have a heating concern, don’t hesitate to get it looked into before it worsens!


Gore Heating & AC offers three tiers of professional HVAC maintenance.


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