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Often overlooked, the ductwork in your HVAC system is extremely important for delivering every benefit you expect out of your system. If your ductwork is broken, it is letting heating or cooling escape that you are paying for!

At Gore Heating & AC, we have comprehensive air duct services that can fix those leaks for good. Duct tape might seem like a good idea at first, but it will peel off pretty quickly. Let us provide you with a permanent, professional fix for your air ducts.

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We Can Target Any Duct Issue

You’re probably noticing some overarching issues that indicate there are some problems with your air ducts. Maybe the airflow isn’t as powerful as it used to be or your home won’t heat or cool quickly enough. There are a few issues that are probably the source of your trouble:

  • Flex-Duct Issues – Flex ducts are prone to issues. If you have flexible ductwork, it probably has a few kinks, support issues, poorly fastened areas and other problems. We can repair these, but a sturdier material might serve you better.
  • Improper Design – Ductwork takes a good bit of planning to be able to serve your household effectively. We can examine your setup and provide suggestions.
  • Loose/Poorly Sealed Registers & Grills – If your registers or grills aren’t fastened on properly, a lot of air will escape.
  • Deteriorating Ducts – Everything ages! Older ductwork is prone to coming apart.

There are also a few stealthier signs that you are experiencing these problems, including:

  • Worsened indoor air quality due to air being pulled from outdoors.
  • Higher energy bills than you used to have.
  • Excessive dust from improper airflow.

We can completely eliminate these problems as well as your larger comfort concerns.


Gore Heating & AC offers three tiers of professional HVAC maintenance.


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Since 1978, we have proudly served the Fayetteville area. We continue to satisfy HVAC needs with the respectful service we would provide for our own families.

We hold many qualifications in order for your safety and quality of service:

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