Gas Packs

Gas Packs – Enjoy All-in-One Heating & Cooling

A gas pack or packaged system is a small unit with both heating and cooling components. It uses natural gas, or propane for the heating part and electricity for the cooling part. They’re popular in the Fayetteville area because they save energy in this type of temperate climate.

Gore Heating & A/C can provide you not only with a reliable new gas pack, but have it set up in your home in a clean and professional manner.

Benefits of Gas Packs

There are several things you can count on if you choose a gas pack for your next heat and A/C solution:

  • Both Heat & A/C – Your heating and air conditioning are taken care of in one package.
  • Space Saving – Instead of an air conditioning unit and a furnace, you can have them contained in a much smaller area.
  • Energy/Money Savings – Gas heat is more efficient, so having a unit that can alternate between electric and gas will save you money.
  • Useful for Large Spaces – Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t pack power!


Why Choose Gore Heating & A/C For a New Gas Pack?

A correct installation is probably the most important part of having an efficient, new HVAC system. Gore Heating & A/C has professional installers with years of training and experience in the Fayetteville area. Our installations are just part of why we have earned an A+ from the BBB. We are also known for our friendly, family service.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Call us at 910-485-5877.

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